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Is their a recipe for success?

Why does it seem like some people continually succeed, while others can�t get out of the starting blocks? Many successful people say, �hard work� is the answer. They are right. But I can dig ditches all day and never get ahead. What is the blueprint? Why do some people keep pushing through and others fall by the wayside? Even the most successful people taper off. What is different on the superstar�s meteoric rise versus their apparent complacent position down the road? Drive, motivation and youth can help, but how do we overcome these short bursts of intensity that don�t seem to transcend our entire lives? How do we continually improve without burning out?

Every day, I strive to improve my Jiu Jitsu game. It requires physical and mental strength, rest, and recovery. If I work too hard, I will burn out. Or, if I don�t work hard enough, I will become irrelevant. My plan every day is the same.

Do something to improve myself today. Take sparring for example. If I spar today, I get immediate feedback on my jiu jitsu game. I may approach a problem in a different manner or see a position in a new light. Plus I will increase my strength and endurance. Another example would be eating properly. I will feel better and be able to accomplish more throughout the day.

Do something to improve myself tomorrow. Drilling techniques that I already know will benefit my game tomorrow. I will remember the move a little better and ingrain the position into my brain, helping to make it second nature.

Do something to improve myself next week. Exercise will not benefit me today or tomorrow but I will start to see the benefits in a week or later if I continue to exercise 3 or more times per week. It�s not unusual for me to exercise 5-6 days per week.

Do something that will help me next month or next year. Learning new technique by coming to class or watching videos of Jiu Jitsu will help my mind understand new concepts that I can slowly introduce into my game in the coming months and years. The game is always changing and as soon as someone invents a new move, others are working to counter it.

When I went to Dan Gable�s wrestling camps as a kid he would give a speech to all the wrestlers at the end of the week. He said that a study had been done proving that the Olympic champions had worked harder and longer over the years of training when compared to all the other competitors in their division. The gold medalist outworked the silver medalist who outworked the bronze medalist and so on.

When I won the gold medal in Brazil in 2010, I knew it was impossible for anyone to have outworked me. Only you can make it happen. Nobody will want you to succeed as much as you want to be a champion. Write down your goals along with your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly investments into yourself. My organic chemistry professor in college said if you do something every day for 1 hour, you can excel at it.

These principles can be applied to sports, school, business, and family. Invest in yourself today to become a champion.

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