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Raking the Sand

While in Belize, I stayed at an amazing resort, Matachica. The only access to the resort was by water taxi. No A/C, no phone and no internet. My wife, Lisa, and I got off the grid and went reef fishing, snorkeling, explored caves and mayan ruins.

The sun beat us up all day and we would be in bed early and up at 5 am to do it again! Each morning at 5 a couple workers would already be at the resort, straightening up chairs, making coffee and getting ready for the day. All throughout the day, they would chop down dead palm trees, rake the sand (yes, rake the sand) and clean the beach. They were always polite. I was inspired by the pride they take in their job.

I take pride in my Jiu Jitsu and work every day on small details for years at a time to improve and become the best. From an outside perspective, the game appears very tedious. This is what makes it great. I know that I will always have a part of my game that I am not happy with and needs improvement. I am constantly �raking the sand� to improve my game. I don�t get upset with the big picture and only attack very specific problems at a time. Once I clean up one problem, I move to the next. I�ve proven this method over my career as it was passed down to me from Rodrigo and to him from Rickson and Helio.

Greatness is in the details. Those of us who are on the path know it when we see it!

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